The Thrifty Household Superhero

Love to you, oh-natural all around wonder liquid!

This one inexpensive item can be the money saving superhero you have been searching for! This one ingredient has potential to be used for countless chores. This one amazing, clear, multipurpose item could be the solution to spending less each month on cleaners. Any guesses?

Vinegar! {and the crowd goes wild!}

Look at me! I organized Toxic substances!

Why spend money on these harmful chemicals?

Do you have a cabinet or multiple cupboards full of cleaners? There’s 409, Windex, Lysol, Ajax and so many others. I have even seen proud women boast on their organization skills to make order of these chemicals . Seriously?

I am amazed at how many uses there are for regular every day vinegar.

What do you use it for? Here’s my list:

Diluted with water for cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces in the house except for granite
For Cleaning blinds

Shine Silver
Polish Chrome, Stainless Steal, Copper, Brass
Mop tile floors
Remove sticky gunk left behind from stickers and labels
Deodorize shoes and other smelly spaces
Leave a bowl of vinegar out to absorb cooking smells
Add to dishwasher for shine and disinfection
Tenderize meats
Add to broth and stock
Wash for produce
Remove berry stains from your hands
Condition your hair
Sooth a fresh sun burn
Mix with baking soda and clean the shower and toilet

Now there is one more use that I recently learned and tried out. This use has by far blown my mind! I was skeptical at first, but I gave it a try. Add white vinegar to your washing machine for a fabric softener. My machine has a little receptacle to receive the liquid so it was pretty easy.
My towels came out of the washer with no vinegar smell, but the real test was how they would come out of the dryer. So I put them into my dryer minus the dryer sheet. Let me tell you with enthusiasm that those towels came out like fluffy clouds of soft goodness! My husband and I rubbed our faces in them with sheer amazement! Ok, we didn’t do that, but we did touch them and say ‘Wow’.

The fact that the vinegar softened the towels, and my clothing load that followed, should not have been a surprise. I have used vinegar in the past to soften my hair. Same thing, really. It is not just exciting for the result, but it is exciting because of the cost. Vinegar is cheap. Extremely cheap compared to household cleaners. So is baking soda. Those two ingredients are the building blocks and backbone of all my household cleaning. So go do a load of laundry right now and test out the softening goodness of vinegar!

What else do you use vinegar for? How about the amazing Apple Cider Vinegar, another amazing item.  

Safe Cleaners

What are your thoughts or quesitons? Be sure to leave a comment!

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