Fertility Breakfast

I recently read a wonderful and powerful little statement that made me eagerly shake my head in agreement at the computer screen. “Act pregnant now. Get pregnant later.” Yes! Simple, true and full of wisdom. Ask any motivational speaker, and they will tell you believing and hope are powerful tools. Ok, so I don’t actually  know any motivational speakers, but my husband is pretty up beat! He is such an encourager. If you don’t have people in your life who are encouraging, go find some! They make valuable friends.  So step one to the fertility diet is hope. Step two requires actual food so let’s get onto that.

Homemade Stock for sauces & soups

My whole diet has changed since my cousin encouraged me to investigate my health in preparation for pregnancy. She had some struggles with her health and her babies health that she felt were avoidable if she had only known. Here is a quick list of food and cooking changes I have made in general:

Include Bone Broth or Meat Stock. Use in sauces and soups.
Add probiotic food and beverages. We drink water and milk kefir and eat fermented (pickled) veggies.
Drink Raw milk. In Florida, it is legal to sell raw milk as long as it is labeled as pet food.  Make every effort to get raw milk/dairy.
Cook with lots of real butter. Real butter from grass fed cows is a good fat. You need good fats like butter, coconut oil and fermented cod liver oil.
Reduced consumption of potatoes, beans, rice, pasta, bread. If I cook rice or beans, I soak and sprout them first.
Reduction/elimination of soda.
Omit processed foods– anything in a box or can including cereal, most chips, seasoning packets, and stuff like that.

Ok. That is the short list of some of the top changes we have made. The big kicker items are the added healthy fats through broth and butter, and gut assisting fermented foods. Are you still unsure about good vs. bad fats? Read this.

In my last post, I mentioned that my body has changed as my diet has changed. I have been eating a higher fat diet, and the dietary dictocrats would say I should be getting fatter. Not so. I have not gotten fat or fatter, but I have had a change. Can you guess where I have gained weight? My thighs? No. My waste? Nope. Surprise, surprise! My bust has beefed up! I don’t know about you, but this is a good thing for me. Not only do I feel better and have easy daily movements, my body is looking healthier. (by daily movements, I am referring to the nationwide epidemic of constipation. Maybe that should be another topic for another day. But you should go regularly, and go easily.)

So what about that fertility breakfast? Here is what I have been making and loving:

Yogurt list of Beneficial Bacteria

Fertility Boosting Breakfast Blend

1 1/2 cups or more of milk kefir or yogurt. Make sure the yogurt has at least six strains of probiotic bacteria listed.
1 Tbls. molasses
1 Teaspoon of Spirulina powder
1 Tbls. of whole chia seeds
1/2 cup blueberries
2 Tablespoons of coconut oil
1 Teaspoon of Vanilla
2 Raw free range eggs. Omit the white if protein is difficult for you to digest. And don’t be scared of a raw egg.

Blend all in a blender or food processer. Transfer to a drinking glass. Insert pink straw and enjoy. Or pick your favorite color for your straw; that’s allowed and won’t effect your fertility. The smoothie will be green in color due to the spirulina. Don’t blend in spinach for a green smoothie. Spinach in its raw state is goitrogenic and can hurt your thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is important for fertility.
I blend this in my blender, and drink it on my way to work. As a little crunchy side, add 2 Brazil Nuts which are full of Selenium and help support your thyroid. Try to drink an herbal tea or green tea instead of coffee with your breakfast. Not having coffee is hard for me, but that is why I believe in a one-step-at-a-time process. There is no Food Law here. No dietary diocese to repent to!

This breakfast gives me energy and all kinds of goodness my body deserves. That’s right, deserves! You deserve a healthy body, so go get it! Do you take the time to eat breakfast? Are you eating to boost your fertility? Donna Gates has a fertility recipe for men and women that I trust. Another source I trust is Gabriela Rosa’s site Natural Fertility Breakthrough. Gabriela is a leading clinician, author and internationally recognized naturopath and fertility specialist. Do you have a trusted fertility nutrition source?


What are your thoughts or quesitons? Be sure to leave a comment!

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