Pharmacy TV Add knocks Real Food

When I see TV commercial  or hear radio ads that contradict the truth about real food and healthy living, I get steamed. It blows my mind how people actually believe what they hear from advertising! What has happened to reasoning and individual thought? Marketers hope you take the info as truth with no consideration of your own, and too many times they succeed in that hope.

There was a pharmacy television commercial that I saw last weekend that got me hot! It portrayed a woman with the cold or flu who was struggling to make a ‘home remedy’ by throwing all kinds of raw veggies, herbs and eggs into a blender. She squished up her nose at it as the announcer described the silliness in her efforts. The ad was encouraging people to skip the real food diet and go straight to the drug store for advise from your pharmacist who could help you pick out the best over the counter ‘medicine.’

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My husband chuckled as I went on a rant about all that was wrong with that commercial. He saw my rant coming a mile away!

The bottom line is that this lady in the commercial has a higher chance of getting sick and a lower chance of recovering quickly since her diet is not based on traditionally prepared nutrient dense real food. If you eat processed foods and lots of sugar and soda, a one time effort with real food won’t be enough to turn around all the damage that has been done! But it is NEVER too late to start eating for the benefit of your body.

I could not help but think about the marketing ads against midwives back in the 50’s when I saw this ad. I felt like this TV commercial was trying to make people believe that good for you real food was actually bad for you! The American Board of Obstetricians and Gynecology was established in 1930, and later there were ad campaigns making midwives out to be crazy witches not to be trusted! Just like they were portrayed in medieval times. It’s true!  I am not linking this particular board to that particular campaign but doctors were on the rise between 1930 and 1950. Midwives got in the way of ‘modern’ medicine so ads were published persuading the American people not to trust a practice that has been in play since the beginning of man’s existence. My searches on line to relocate that ad villainizing the midwife from the 1950’s to show you have been unsuccessful.  I saw the ad while watching the documentary The Business of Being Born by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein. Go check out their documentaries to learn more about the anti-midwife ad.

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I love ya, marketers and creative people! But ad campaigns have one selfish agenda from their client and no obligation to honesty. So please don’t believe the ads. Don’t trust it just because the majority of people do. Don’t read the front of the package, read the ingredients. I better stop here before this rant goes down other rabbit holes!

Oh! By the way…I do not know what pharmacy it was that ran the ad. It was either Walgreens or CVS. I can’t find the video on line, either. Sorry about that, kids!


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