Living Healthy – Spending less

Being thrifty and savvy is exercise of the will and promotes household health. My grocery spending is kept under tabs and so should spending on fashion. Do you dress up regularly and enjoy looking spiffy? I love to try out new trends, dress nice for work, and get dolled up for a date. How do you manage money for this type of thing? Out of my monthly budget, I spend $60.00 on wants. There is a clear line of delineation between a want and a need. I don’t NEED a pair of red heals or another belt. So I set aside some play money that is for extra clothing beyond the necessities and for other things that fall into that category.

When I put together a ‘new’ outfit, I ask my very gracious husband to snap a photo of me with my phone. The purpose of the photo is to be able to pick out an outfit when inspiration lacks, or to remember what combinations really worked or did not work. The photos are for me personally, but I decided to share them to point out the benefits of buying in a savvy fashion, pun intended!

What are your thoughts about buying second hand? Have you ever shopped at a resale boutique? What do you think of when you hear Goodwill? Bellow are the images from my phone with a little description on the money spent to put the outfit together. Disclaimer- I am not a fashion expert, a financial superstar, or a posing queen! These photos are not good quality so please view them with understanding.

This black satin skirt has a long black ribbon at the top left side of it. Most people when seeing that would shy away from purchase because it is hard to style a skirt with a built in accessory. I simply tied the ribbon in bow and  cut the length down. For this particular style, I tucked in the ribbon inside the skirt and wrapped a red belt around the top of the skirt. No one knows the difference!

I had my eye on a few trends earlier this season- polka dots and bright colored pants. When I ran across the blouse, I snagged it up knowing it would be a good addition to a closet lacking in dots. The same went for the pants. I found bright colored jeans and pants at my favorite shopping spots, but I waited until I found a pair low enough in price to feel good about the risk. Let’s face it, I am in my 30’s and hot pink pants could be a flop.

Plato’s Closet is a trendy resale shop that caters to teens. They had a few pairs of bright colors pants to choose from, and these were the one’s on clearance.

Jewelry is hard to find at any discount. It is just always in demand! I purchased costume jewelry only when on clearance. Even though I was unsure if I would wear it, the purchase was easier since the price was lower. It turns out that the pieces I am unsure will work are the ones I end up wearing the most. So take a chance when there is a discount on accessories. You will work it in!

A few months back, I started paying attention to fashion blogs and made an effort to go beyond my comfort zone. Skirts above my knees are out side of my comfort zone!! But it turns out I love the look of a slim skirt! It is easy, comfy, and there are many skirts to choose from on the discount racks. I have one rule about skirts. Do not purchase it if it tucks under your bum. The skirt should water fall off your bump.

I love this outfit! I purposely tried to replicate this style I saw on another blog. See the style I copied on j’s everyday fashion blog.

This belt was so cheap at only .50 cents! It only fits when worn at the smallest part of my waste, but that is ok. I don’t have to buy a belt that will fit every dimension of my midsection.

This outfit is another hack. There was a photo on Pinterest showing a combo of lace skirt with polka-dot blouse. I love it! The down fall is that this skirt is way to short to wear anywhere but on a hot date! So sorry, but I can’t find the original inspiration photo.

These solid color shells are so versatile.

What do you think? Would you be willing to by second hand cloths or are you doing that already? It is not only a good idea for your wallet, it is good for the environment. Re-purposing is such a great way to reduce the amount of newly created, chemically treated clothes to come off the rack. The use of synthetics, like rayon, became very popular replacing raw materials like cotton and silk in the 19th century. Check the labels, it is more than likely that your fashionable item is not a local raw material. I prefer buying something that has off-gassed it’s production chemicals and to reuse an existing material. Be sure to send your out-of-use items back to the resale shops so the landfill and other individuals can benefit.

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6 thoughts on “Living Healthy – Spending less

  1. Great wardrobe! I buy used clothes for myself and the kids, plus I have a mom with great taste that hands down clothing and jewelry.

    You have a nice nack for putting together outfits.

    • What a great compliment, thank you. Having people in our life that pass on to others can be such a blessing! I love giving a friend/family member something from the home that they could use! Which reminds me, I have a pale yellow jacket that I need to pass on to my mother in law! Thanks for your comment!

  2. All of you outfits are classic, on trend, and expensive looking! Sometimes I am hesitant to purchase 2nd hand because I am unsure of the cleanliness of the items (shoes for example). Do you have a routine or suggestions for cleaning your 2nd hand items? Also, where do you find your trends to copy? 🙂

    • Great questions and concerns! Most people are hesitant about the cleanliness of shoes specifically. Vinegar and baking soda are my favorite all purpose cleaners. A mixture of vinegar and water will clean just about any surface including shoes depending on the material. I have not had any problem with cleaning leather shoes with the solution, but be aware of the material. Baking soda works on shoes like a deodorizer. You could shake it in like baby powder and then shake it out. If the shoe is made of materials that can handle a little moisture, you could also make a paste of baking soda, water and some Castile Soap. Apply to the inside of the shoe, rinse and then dry.

      Currently, I am finding inspiration from J’s Everyday Fashion to get new ideas about color combos and current trends. J’s Everyday Fashion

      When purchasing second hand items, I go through a few steps to determine if it is a good buy. These are my steps:
      Check the label- is it a good quality brand?
      Is the material one that will last?
      Is it dry clean only? Am I willing to risk washing it if it is? (I don’t have time to dry clean. Keep it simple)
      Does it fit. How much alteration will be required?
      Are there missing buttons, holes, stains or flaws?

      Thanks for your comment!!

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