Where to start?

When I started to explore this new-to-me idea of a traditional diet, I read and read and read. Then I became very overwhelmed and discouraged. “It is too much! I can’t do all this” I thought. First of all, it would be too expensive to swap everything in my pantry out with pricy organic items. Second, I don’t have to tools to do it all!

This is how if felt at the beginning, but I trusted my resources and kept plugging through. The first thing I did was I released myself from any food law. I refused to condemn myself for not being able to do it all. I decided it was fine to focus on one thing at a time. Think about it, ancient cultures would work communally. They had a village of women, men and children all helping in food preparation. We can’t do it all in isolation or with friend or two like they did. So be free from the condemnation of healthy living law.

The food item I decided to replace first was sugar. I have since learned that fats should have been the first thing to conquer. So for your benefit, please check out this article full of resources about that.

Most people would agree that a sugary diet is not healthy or wise. It is in our soft drinks and teas, it is in our recipes, and it is also in processed foods. Sugar became a domestically produced product back in the 19th century and therefor more available. Our diets ended up sweeter because of the abundant and readily available resource. So it is not only important to replace the common white sugar with an unprocessed variety, it is also important to adjust your taste buds.This can happen fairly quickly. The best way is to change your mind about tolerating this toxin and stop drinking soft drinks. I steal a sip now and then and it always taste overwhelmingly sweet!

The sugar substitutes are not a good choice either. Even Stevia powder, Stevia in the raw, Turbinado, Raw sugar, the pink, yellow and blue packets all are no good! Sucanat is one of the best options, also called whole cane sugar. It is available at local health food stores. Sucanat is full of minerals which white sugar and the other processed sugars are void of. It is dehydrated cane sugar and completely safe. Of course, don’t ever ever over due a food especially sugar. Moderation, please!

Other sugars that are a good replacement are coconut sugar or palm sugar and real Stevia plant leaves. Here is a video and article that explains the differences quite well. It may be surprising that Agave nectar should also be avoided. It has big claims, but it has no nutrient value and is over processed. Bummer.

Do you consume a lot of sugar in your food and drinks?


What are your thoughts or quesitons? Be sure to leave a comment!

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